The Possibilities Are Endless

The Possibilities Are Endless

DGflo can be used independently as an ERMS or integrates with other systems / user interface (UI) to work in a different way. At its core, DGflo manages any data records that can be captured from different means for a complete information lifecycle.


Any Office Environment

DGflo® can be used by any organisation from any industry that needs to manage its electronic and physical efficiently. It is a web base system which allows users to access to the records to it from anywhere at any time. DGflo® features built-in business process workflows that enable organisations to move away from the limitations of paper-based information. It provides the ability to manage electronic documents and records to give users faster access to corporate electronic information. DGflo® will eliminate the anarchy of shared folders on file servers, where files are changed, duplicated, lost or deleted often without control.



Document Library

Store and catalog your document at a single location to be viewed by many. Each record can be classified in each section in accordance with procedures laid down by the organization. Record search can be done more systematic with their record management orderly . It provides the ability to manage electronic document and records to give users faster access to corporate electronic information. All user access is provided making it easy to deploy across the whole organization.


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Cloud Storage

Drop your files in DGflo or share them with friends securely. Specifically build for cloud computing as a subscription-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Cloud-computing technology enables to dynamically scale the resources based on necessity with a predictable cost. Has an unprecedented scalability and flexibility with multi-tenancy support and broad customisation on option. Provide multi-level security and maintains an audit trail that track all changes made to documents or records.


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Online Form

Capture data in live form and automatically convert them as pdf documents. All users can access DGFlo through an Ajax-based Rich Internet application web client that runs on several types of browsers. This web clients will communicate with the DGflo.



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Collaboration Tool

Define a process through integrated Business Process Management for office automation and collaboration. Parallel execution of workflow tasks and activities;-

1) Decisions & merges (support custom scripted guard conditions)

2) Forks and Joins


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Archiving System

Import old records and documents into DGflo as a centralized archive, complete with predefined retention period.




Wherehousing / Logistic

Utilize hybrid storage functions to keep track of items and combine them with BPM and records management utility. At the same time it will reduce and save space on existing physical document storage. Eliminate duplicate of document and the risk of lost record can manageable.


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