Electronic Records Management System

Electronic Records Management System

Dealing with records presents a real challenge for anyone, no matter how organized they can be. Without a system in place, people tend to lose valuable files as there is no control in effect. Documents and records are duplicated, stolen, exposed and forgotten. Files are unable to be shared without making copies. Before we know it, we ran out of space just to store them.

ERMS was created to address these challenges. It provides you with the power to electronically control your Documents & Records throughout the document life-cycle. It streamlines many of the most time-consuming records management tasks.

With DGflo, records can be captured into the system from virtually every means, whether physically or electronically. These records will then be classified accordingly, providing automated and controlled access only to those with proper rights. DGflo will then retain these records throughout their retention period and dispose of them when the time comes. With a powerful content & metadata search function, hybrid physical & electronic storage and built-in collaboration tool, DGflo upped the ante in the field of ERMS. As long as it is in the system, your records will never be lost or forgotten.

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DGflo Electronic Documents and Records Management System is a modern take on managing records electronically which simplifies capture, management and security throughout the Information Life Cycle. DGflo features an unprecedented scalability, broad customisation options and flexibility with multi-tenancy architecture, allowing it to be deployed on a Cloud computing environment.

DGflo can assist organisation to manage its document systematically and in accordance to International Standards (ISO 16175-2:  Principles and functional requirements for records in electronic office environments – Part 2: Guidelines and functional requirements for digital Records Management Systems) thus ensuring organisations’ to manage its electronic information throughout the complete life-cycle; from document creation/capture, classification, usage and final disposal or archival. Activities such as (create, view, copy, download, share via email and etc.) on documents within a record are being tracked by the System to ensure document authenticity and assist in the e-recovery processes.

DGflo can assist  organisation to be more effective in management of its current records (both paper and electronic); which reduces/eliminates the level of record keeping redundancies, reduces costs for records storage thus maximising office space through the elimination of unnecessary file storage. In addition, DGflo helps organisation to manage its records by providing accountability, records integrity, and timely access to the right records by those only with authorization.

DGflo is a solution that provides comprehensive Records Management practices, suitable for any types of organisation and industries; having to comply with the International Standards, ensuring records are reliable, intact, usable, accurate and Above All, complete.

Business Process Automation

DGflo allows organisation to improve its efficiency by automating organisational business processes like applications and approvals be it simple, medium or complex processes. It utilises an Open Source BPM tools for simple and medium complexity processes and with combination of auto scripting it will be able to handle complex processes to be implemented. This includes sending e-mail notifications as required by the processes.  After designing the process using the tool, the system allows you to upload and trigger the process within the system. The BPM engine and processes integrate seamlessly with the system.

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