More than just another ERMS

More than just another ERMS

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Build for the Cloud

DGflo was designed and built specifically for the CLOUD by having multi-tenancy capability and virtualization support. A single organisation may have different repositories for each subsidiaries or department without the hassle of multiple deployments. This also means that DGflo can be implemented as SaaS for organisations who wish to resell the system within.



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DGflo supports user personalisation, customisations and bundled with a very useful Business Process Management Engine. Though the standard system is already comprehensive, the system allows customisation to meet specific needs of an organisation. With the Built-In Business Process Management (BM Engine) you can be assured of improved efficiency by automating processes whilst keeping the output of each process securely and in accordance to organisational policy. With Application Programming Interface (API), it enables deep integration with other applications that you may already have or maybe, create a brand new application altogether that utilizes DGflo as the engine.



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Standards Conformity

Have a peace of mind. We are always committed to keep up with the industry standards for ERMS. To date, DGflo conforms to the ISO 16175-2, MS-ISO 16175-2(Malaysia) which defined the standards of Digital Records Keeping in an Electronic Office Environment. Thus this ensure that any organisation of any industry can use the system to safe keep its business records


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